How to Increase Your Success Percentage When Trading

While it may not look like it from the outside, success in stock trading is not guaranteed, but is rather the result of a long, tireless campaign of calculated risks and odds-playing. There is no perfect solution to this, so accepting that profits are found in the slimmest of margins is how investors begin to make money.

The estimates vary, but most experts believe that the realistic percentage of successful investments is 55%. So if you are successful on 55% of your trades, you are likely making a lot of money over time. There are, however, ways to make more money or increase your success percentage


#1: Start Investing in Cryptocurrency

While traditional assets tend not to be home runs very often, cryptocurrencies are arguably the opposite. Cryptocurrency prices swing much more than traditional assets do, making them ripe investments for people who know what they are doing. 

Now that the massive winter cryptocurrency price spike is firmly in the rear-view mirror, experts believe that long-term downswings in the crypto market are very unlikely. Investments in cryptocurrency are investments on an underlying technology and industry which many people believe are destined for massive success. Just this week, Facebook announced Project Libra, showing that investment into the crypto space is only growing.


#2: Use Tools

While 55% may seem like an achievable rate, you can only really get there if you have powerful tools and information by your side. In the cryptocurrency market, you have a variety of options of varied levels of power and flexibility. A lot of cryptocurrency trading tools are simple execution bots. These allow you to execute your trading strategy easily. However, they don’t have the power of tools that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning, a burgeoning part of the cryptocurrency tools industry.



RoninAi is one such tool. It uses the power of Ai to analyze the market 24/7 and deliver dynamic and tested trading signals to its users. Using RoninAi, you can increase your success percentage far above 55%, as RoninAi has the ability to capitalize on market growth while eliminate or significantly minimize losses during downturns in the market. While, of course, RoninAi will not bring your success rate to 100%, any improvement over the 55% average is an absolutely massive boost to one’s chance of making a lot of money.


#3: Take a Long-Term Approach

This may seem evident, but it cannot be stressed enough. Investing should never, ever be thought of as a quick way of making cash. Investing is about playing the percentages for a long enough time to guarantee results. If things are going great, there’s a good chance they’ll go less great in time. If things are going poorly but you know your strategies are fundamentally strong, this too will likely even out over time.



If you think about an investment as flipping a slightly weighted coin, the odds of flipping an unsuccessful trade (let’s say tails) five times in a row is about 1.8%. By comparison, the odds of flipping a successful trade (heads) five times in a row is not much greater, sitting at roughly 5%. That means that 93.2% of the time, you’ll have a mix of successful and unsuccessful trades. Assuming that because your strategy is sound that you are guaranteed to make money over and over again is a dangerous way of thinking. Instead, if you simply play the numbers for long enough (a.k.a. have a large enough sample size), you are more likely to be successful than not.

RoninAi gives its subscribers an average of 60% success rate. Using a 60% weighted coin, your percentage of having success five times in a row jumps to nearly 8%, and your odds of failing five times in a row drops to 1%. A 60% success rate over time really makes the difference, and this sort of success is something that RoninAi members will notice in the long run.



While there are no ways to completely guarantee success in any type of asset trading, the smart money is on assets and tools that can increase the odds of long-term success. Cryptocurrency is where many experts believe you should put your money, but only if you have the requisite tools to take advantage of the market. RoninAi harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help its users realize their full cryptocurrency trading potential, and push their success percentage past that 55% mark.

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