Experience Better Returns with RoninAi Black Box

RoninAi Black Box generates superior returns in bearish and bullish markets

  • Consistent 30-50% annual returns by minimizing risk in down markets while capturing growth in up markets. Read more.

  • Analyzes markets and executes trades 24/7/365.

  • Ai Neural networks tested through academic scientific research. Research paper 1, Research paper 2, and Research paper 3.

  • You are in control of your Ai trading strategy, and you control your cryptocurrency portfolio.  

  • Fully customizable cryptocurrency asset allocation, strategy selection, and execution.

  • Set up and start trading in minutes.

White Paper

RoninAI Roadmap

Launched: Neural Network for forecasting cryptocurrency price fluctuations on major cryptocurrency markets
Launched: RoninAi Telegram bot pushing Social Alerts and Trading Alerts
Launched: Black Box Ai for automated trading of Ai-powered trading signals.
In Progress: Black Box Ai is strategically distributed in Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Russia, CAMCA, and African regions.
Upcoming: Deployment of RoninAi blockchain network based on decentralized asset management node-by-node.
Upcoming: Distribution and popularization of RoninAi blockchain network via ICO.

RoninAi Blockchain Network

  • Decentralized asset management network with global crypto traders from Americas, EMEA, Russia, and Asia.

  • High-frequency trading powered by Ai focused on generating alpha and risk minimization.

  • Push towards creating a decentralized exchange uncovering a whole new level of cryptocurrency liquidity.

  • Fully sustainable ecosystem of retail and institutional cryptocurrency investors facilitated by RoninAi blockchain network.

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RoninAi Blockchain Network

RoninAi coins (RAI) are utility coins based on RoninAi native blockchain network. RAI coins will enable coin holders to build and use the best cryptocurrency investing strategies powered by AI.

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Asset Management Revolution

Black Box Ai will serve as a cryptocurrency trading terminal and RoninAi blockchain full node. First 500 buyers will receive 250 premined RAI coins for every day between the time of the purchase and December 31, 2019. Boxes are getting sold fast. Join RoninAi community to learn more information.

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