Litecoin vs. Bitcoin Cash vs. IOTA vs. Cosmos [Crypto Comparisons]

In late 2018, RoninAi’s own Peter Borovykh said the following while being the keynote speaker at a BlockchainWeek event in New York City:


“Obviously, you have Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency in the world. But when you look a bit deeper, there are so many interesting cryptos that people don’t pay enough attention to. Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and IOTA I think are coins to watch out for in the next year… Also, I’m highly anticipating the launch of Cosmos.”

– Peter Borovykh



Comparing different cryptocurrencies is a very useful exercise for all types of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. So let’s compare and contrast the four cryptos that Peter mentioned at that Blockchain event and see what we can learn from it.


Litecoin vs. Bitcoin Cash vs. IOTA vs. Cosmos

Firstly, all of these tokens are currently in the top 20 cryptocurrencies in terms of total market cap, so in some ways it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. Each one of them has shown that it has strengths that are appealing to cryptocurrency investors. However, looking deeper, each of these strengths are perhaps indicative of a future cryptocurrency market that favors one specific coin.



Litecoin has resigned itself to a life of constantly being compared to Bitcoin, but in many ways they are fine with the constant comparison. Litecoin boasts a blockchain that is able to handle a higher transaction volume than Bitcoin, and is marketing itself as the “cryptocurrency for payments”, an attempt to angle Litecoin as the cryptocurrency that people are actively seeking to use as regular currency.

Litecoin is currently the sixth biggest cryptocurrency in total market cap, and since Peter’s prediction, Litecoin has jumped from around $30 USD to its current price of $117 USD as of writing.



Aspiration: Global payment answer to worldwide commerce.

Pluses: Faster transactions than to Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Cash

Moving on to another peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash’s journey has been a very interesting one. Since the Bitcoin fork of 2017, I was personally told of several occasions that I was foolish for thinking Bitcoin Cash would last into 2018, but here we are! I’m not saying that I think about those people and their shortsighted predictions every day, but I’m also not saying that I don’t do that.

Bitcoin Cash has some real staying power, shown perfectly by its ability to bounce back following the bearish market that the crypto world went through in late 2018. As of writing, Bitcoin Cash sits at a very healthy $456 USD, making it the fourth largest cryptocurrency in the world in market cap. In many ways, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are in constant battle to position themselves as the premier peer-to-peer electronic cash by the time that the world as a whole is ready to adopt it.



Aspirations: Global answer to worldwide commerce. Become a real Bitcoin.

Pluses: Faster transactions and more flexible than Bitcoin.



As far as distributed ledger technology companies go, IOTA has been a real success. The appeal of blockchain, namely its ability to remove third parties from transactions and improve ledger security, is found in its most pure form with IOTA. They believe that they are the “missing link” in the new economy to come, and they might just be right. “The Tangle,” IOTA’s distributed ledger, is what they believe sets them apart, as it operates not as a string of blocks stored in chains, but instead entangles all transactions into a web of security.

The cryptocurrency by the same name has had its ups and downs. Following the cryptocurrency market’s blip in late 2018, most coins have recovered and thrived, but IOTA has seen modest growth by comparison. This is not a knock against the coin, the company, or the underlying technology. In fact, it could be seen as a good sign, as it leaves room for catch-up growth. At just $0.54 USD per IOTA, investing in this coin is likely a smart idea.



Aspirations: Become the primary distributed ledger technology company for IOT devices.

Pluses: “The Tangle,” POS architecture allowing for large amount of transaction at extremely high speed. 500-800 transactions per second. IOT device focused.



As the new, exciting kid on the block, Cosmos (coin: ATOM) has had its detractors. However, in just about a month since launch, ATOM’s market cap has steadied around $900m USD. This is very impressive, and is a strong indicator that ATOM is a very wise investment at the moment. Cosmos describes their product as an “ecosystem of blockchains that can scale and interoperate with each other.” Unlike Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash, which are peer-to-peer digital currencies, ATOM is representative of a gamble on the power and future uses of blockchain technology itself. The way the Cosmos team describes their place in blockchain as the third generation of the technology, following Bitcoin (the first generation) and Ethereum (the second generation).

Whether or not Cosmos will bring about this “Blockchain 3.0” that they hope is yet to be seen, but the underlying technology and the possibilities that Cosmos presents are very exciting. Since launch, the most valuable the ATOM coin has been was around $5.5 USD. As of writing, it is sitting at $4.72, and many experts believe it will likely spike very soon.



Aspirations: Bring in and dominate a new generation of blockchain interoperability. To become an internet of blockchains.

Pluses: Their own blockchain framework. More powerful technology and a lightning-fast POS structure for interconnection of various blockchains.


So What Should I Invest In?

Well, that’s a pretty hard question to answer. Each of these four cryptocurrencies have their inherent strengths and weaknesses, and every investment is a gamble. However, if you are looking to truly take advantage of the money-making possibilities of the cryptocurrency market, simply investing and holding won’t do you much good. Instead, you would be better off executing dynamic trading strategies to make the most money you can.

There are several ways of doing this, and RoninAi’s black box technology is arguably the most exciting of them. The underlying technology uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict future market trends with incredible accuracy, resulting in consistent 25-30% yearly growth year-over-year. It has the ability to avoid losses (and even make money) during bear markets, while capitalizing on every small upward swing in the market during bull markets.

The RoninAi black box is exciting traders around the world, and you can learn more about how it works here.