Peter Borovykh speaking at Blockchain Crypto Summit [Consensus Blockchain Week NYC]

Consensus is a main event of NY Blockchain Week, the biggest conglomerate of blockchain events in the world that will immerse NYC in a wave of industry leaders, experts, thinkers and enthusiasts of the space. 100+ events will be held throughout the city with thousands of guests from around the world.

Peter Borovykh has been invited to be part of a panel composed of various industry leaders to discuss recent exciting developments in the world of blockchain and its various possible applications to other industries. Blockchain Crypto Summit will be closing Consensus and will bring light to multiple topics like insights on investing in blockchain technologies and digital currencies,  intelligence on the crypto market, hot startups of the field and their growth, market penetration and dollars raised.


This will be reminiscent of other panels like FinTech Week 2017 where some of the big names of the industry like Joe Lubin (Ethereum co-founder), Anish Mohammed (Early Ripple Advisor), Thomas France (Ledger co-founder) and Peter Borovykh (RoninAi co-founder and CIO) discussed the immense disruptive power of blockchain and its multiple applications to other industries with a deep focus on finance.

Peter Borovykh has just announced RoninAi’s new product, an  “Ai execution box”. The use of the new product is surprising simple, in Peter’s words:  

“Trading cryptocurrency has never been easy, and no one can be awake 24/7. With RoninAi box, you no longer have to awake at 3am or interrupt your meeting with you boss. With execution box you can, connect it to Wi-Fi , plug it in, choose your trading strategy and your risk preference, connect to exchange and Ai will take it from there..”

Blockchain has been excitingly disruptive to a number of industries, as a former trader and data analyst, Peter Bororvykh sees RoninAi as a disruptive and inevitable force in the hedge fund arena. With its proven track record in the academia world, media exposure of market manipulation and ability to predict crypto trend behaviour.

Who better than Peter to explain his vision:

Because it trades 24/7 on Ronin Ai signals, that have outperformed market by 30-50% (ranging on cryptocurrency) over the last 6 months. This gives opportunity for non trained traders to participate in crypto markets, without fear of not knowing what to do or when to make trades.


Join Peter and other speakers, at the Blockchain Crypto Summit for a night of insights, speakers and networking. The event is held on May 15th at 5:30pm, and we RoninAi, are excited to be in attendance. Meet the RoninAi team and learn more about the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Grab your tickets here.