Should I Buy Ethereum? 4 Reasons Why It’s Smart

The cryptocurrency market has been maturing at a very impressive rate over the past several months, and now more than ever it feels that there are many viable cryptocurrencies to invest in. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, EOS, and Litecoin are all in places that should excite potential investors. However, many experienced cryptocurrency investors‘ cryptocurrency trading secrets have one thing in common: They all believe that Ethereum is an excellent investment and that every crypto investment strategy should look at Ethereum.

As the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of Market Cap, Ethereum is in prime position to become a more important part of everyone’s lives. Ethereum investment is hugely popular among the more experienced cryptocurrency investors, but those who are just getting into the exciting world of crypto may be more reluctant to stray from Bitcoin. We compiled insights from our experienced team of founding experts into the following 4 reasons why Ethereum is a smart investment.

#1: Core part of the expanding blockchain world

Blockchain technology has been taking the world by storm, and the possibilities for the technology have been exciting many. Ethereum specifically has been at the center of this, as its function as a platform for app development on blockchain positions it squarely at the epicenter of all the goings on in the space. The majority of cryptocurrencies are built on Ethereum, and this trend is likely to continue as the field advances. Because of this, an investment in Ethereum is a bet that blockchain as a whole will succeed, which in certain moments feels like an inevitability rather than a guess at the future.

#2: Ethereum has more applications than Bitcoin

How Ethereum uses blockchain is what makes it unique and in many ways superior to Bitcoin. Ethereum is written in Turing-complete, meaning any script can run on Ethereum, making it a valuable tool for a wide variety of uses. Additionally, this allows Ethereum to process transactions significantly faster than Bitcoin, boasting a 12 second time frame to Bitcoin’s 20. 

“Make no mistake – Ethereum would never have existed without Bitcoin as a forerunner. That said, I think Ethereum is ahead of Bitcoin in many ways and represents the bleeding edge of digital currency.”

– Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of CoinBase

Moving forward, Ethereum will likely attract a significant number of companies looking to delve into blockchain. In fact, that has already begun…

#3: Backed by Fortune 500 companies

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is a group of over 200 companies, such as Intel, Microsoft, JP Morgan, and others that all work together to further Ethereum’s technology. The existence of EEA and the impressive companies that are participating in it is further proof that Ethereum is well positioned to be at the center of blockchain technology as it advances and becomes more readily available to projects that can use it. If these Fortune 500 companies are willing to invest in Ethereum, doing so yourself is likely a smart move.

#4: Lucrative field that is future-focused

The world of cryptocurrency investment has had quite the crazy 12 months or so. From initial spikes to the massive breakthrough of cryptocurrencies into the public eye in late 2017, cryptocurrencies’ future-focused nature and its expected massive growth has made it an extremely lucrative investment opportunity. Cryptocurrency investment, after a short period where the market was more volatile than usual, has returned to a state of very lucrative investments unrivaled by traditional stocks. Many view cryptocurrency investment as a quick way to get excellent return on investment, but Ethereum specifically, thanks to what is discussed in this post, is a fantastic long-term play. If you are bullish on blockchain technology as a whole, investing in Ethereum is the way to go.


All in all, despite Bitcoin’s more mainstream popularity, Ethereum is built, backed, and positioned in such a way that it is destined for long-term success, and thus an excellent return on investment for you. If you’re looking for a lesser known coin, or altcoin, to invest in, consider ICON, which is considered the Korean Ethereum and though new, is already one of the most widely used blockchain platforms in Asia. 

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are not intended as investment advice. All investments have risks, please invest responsibly.