RoninAi Telegram Bot Guide: How to Set It Up and Use It

This RoninAi Telegram Bot Guide Includes:

Telegram App Installation

RoninAi built a Telegram bot to ensure our clients flawlessly receive market alerts. Telegram bot is easy to set up and provides all spectrum of AI-powered alerts offered by RoninAi team to allow you trading cryptocurrency right away.

The first step is to install the Telegram app. It is highly advised to install Telegram app on a mobile device and on a desktop. More information about Telegram can be found here.

RoninAi Telegram Bot Authorization

Visit the Settings page of RoninAi platform to set up profile.

Settings page for paying clients.

Settings page for free trial users.

It is important to fill out all the fields and include correct phone number associated with the Telegram account. Phone number must be entered including the country and area codes. For example, the U.S. phone number (123) 456 7890 must be entered as +11234567890.

Make sure to Save Changes after all fields are filled out.

After all changes are saved Settings page will provide functionality to generate Telegram bot key necessary to engage with RoninAi’s Telegram bot.

Click Generate bot key to generate the bot key used to authorize your account on Telegram. Click Go to RoninAi bot to setup the Telegram bot.

A new tab will be automatically opened. Click on Open Telegram Desktop to continue the setup.

Once Desktop Telegram application is open click on the Start button.

After you clicked the Start button you should see greeting messages pop-up. Click on the Login button.

Telegram will ask you to share your phone number with RoninAi bot. Click the Share button.

Insert Telegram key bot from the Settings page into the chat.

After authorizing RoninAi Telegram bot with the Telegram bot key the following messages should appear.

Setting Up Social Alerts

To set up social alerts simply click on the Social Alerts button.

Six social sentiment alerts will be listed below. Each of the six social sentiment alerts can be set based on specifications in the Alerts tab on the dashboard.

For example, when setting up Market Manipulation Signals the following options will appear. Select OFF to stop receiving Market Manipulation Signals. Option 1 will correspond to start receiving small and medium market manipulation alerts, while Option 2 will correspond to start receiving small, medium and large market manipulation alerts.

Proceed to setting up all social alerts. To check the status of social sentiment alerts subscription, click on the Show my settings button in the main menu of the RoninAi Telegram bot.

For example, settings below indicate that client will be receiving level 2 (small, medium and large) market manipulations alerts, while the rest of the social sentiment alerts will be turned off.

Setting Up Trading Alerts

To set up social alerts simply click on the Trading Alerts button.

Proceed to setup trading alerts for every cryptocurrency of interest by clicking on respective buttons. Let’s set up a trading alert for Bitcoin by clicking on the BTC button.

The following menus will appear. Select favorite trading strategy and its frequency. Let’s select the trading strategy of RSIS.

Time to select the frequency of a trading strategy. XX gives more frequent trading signals, while X has the least frequency. Let’s select XX.

To check the status of trading alerts selected click on the Show my settings button.

RoninAi Telegram bot was developed to enable fast and reliable ways to communicate with RoninAi platform. Social alerts and trading alerts can be easily setup via RoninAi Telegram bot to stay up-to-date regarding cryptocurrency market and take full advantage of its volatility.

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