Exclusive Coverage of Blockchain Crypto Summit at Blockchain Week NYC

Blockchain Crypto Summit took place after Consensus, ending an exciting NY Blockchain Week that got together hundreds of industry leaders, experts and enthusiasts of the space. It was an intense week full of great developments, fascinating projects and exciting news headlines along with the always thrilling, rising cryptocurrency markets.

Blockchain Crypto Summit’s focus was to converge industry experts and discuss some of the issues of the space and possible solutions to it. The two main panels had discussions about the role of decentralization in the world and how important it is for our society.

“Trading is extremely hard and we all know that the average joe will lose money, decentralizing trading with the fusion of Blockchain and AI will be a major stepping stone for DeFi. RoninAi’s ability to self-execute your trades while giving you full access over your assets will be massive” Peter Borovykh, Co-founder RoninAi.

Peter Borovykh went on about crypto trading and its issues giving market manipulation as an example of a disruption to the core of the community and the pockets of traders. RoninAi was previously known for its ability on tracking this phenomenon. On the panel, he announced launch of the execution “black box”, where every retail-trader or investor can have access to Ai signal execution.  

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