CoinDesk vs CCN vs Cointelegraph [Crypto News Source Comparison]

Cryptocurrency news is a entirely different animal. Keeping up with the constantly evolving and changing world of crypto can be difficult, and there have been several websites sprouting up over the last several years that aim to consolidate all the crypto news you need to know in one location. Three of these websites, CoinDesk, CCN, and Cointelegraph, all became big names in crypto news. But which should you make your go-to source for all things cryptocurrency?





CoinDesk is one of the most recognizable names in cryptocurrency news, and it has been at the forefront of all things crypto since 2013. Of the three news sources in this article, CoinDesk has the largest Twitter following, is the go-to crypto news source on that platform. CoinDesk has a very large fleet of writers that cover a wide array of topics that their readers would find interesting. Their website also gives viewers the ability to keep tabs on the cryptocurrency market, learn about complex technologies, and even comb through data on cryptocurrencies with ease. Most importantly, perhaps, is CoinDesk’s “Blockchain 101” section of the website, which devotes itself to being an easy one-stop-shop for blockchain and cryptocurrency newcomers that are looking to receive a comprehensive basic education.

Because of this, CoinDesk should be your first stop if you are just getting involved in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. That isn’t to say that CoinDesk’s content isn’t very useful for experienced traders, of course. It is this diversity of content that makes CoinDesk an incredibly attractive option for so many.

Takeaway: More professional and beginner-friendly site.





CCN (Cryptocurrency-News, if you were wondering) is a site on the rise. Since purchasing the valuable three-letter domain, CCN has, as anticipated, been rising up the ranks of cryptocurrency news sources. It now sits in the top 5,000 of the Alexa global rankings.

One of the major appeals of CCN is how alive it is. It offers a live Bitcoin news show, up-to-date cryptocurrency prices, and a constantly moving price ticker. What is so unique about CCN is that they aim to be not only a major news source for cryptocurrencies, but a news source for non-cryptocurrency matters as well. As world politics are coming more to the forefront of peoples’ minds, separating much of anything from politics is difficult. CCN has two large sections, one dedicated to important world news headlines, and another dedicated to unique op-ed pieces written by a politically diverse staff of writers.

CCN is an ambitious news source, and it would not be surprising to see them make further strides towards crypto news domination in the coming months and years. As it currently stands, CCN is arguably the most active news source, which appeals to those who are willing to dedicate a lot of time to absorbing cryptocurrency content.

Takeaway: Minute-by-minute crypto news.





Along with CoinDesk, Cointelegraph is arguably the largest cryptocurrency-focused news source in the world. It doesn’t quite have the number of followers as CoinDesk, but it is significantly more successful on Facebook. Cointelegraph has many of the features found on other cryptocurrency news sources, but with a more fun and entertaining twist. For many in the cryptocurrency know, notably a lot of us here at RoninAi, Cointelegraph’s illustrations and graphics are legendary. They make the experience of scanning through data and reading opinion pieces a much more entertaining and easy experience.

Cointelegraph has all eyes set on complete crypto news domination. They produce an incredible amount of articles across a wide array of topics. They are even delving into different media channels, as their YouTube channel has over 45,000 subscribers, featuring near daily content about different cryptocurrencies, and even a documentary about Bitcoin in Switzerland! Cointelegraph’s future is very bright, and their ability to consistently pump out quality content for several years shows that they have significant staying power in this space.

Takeaway: Wide media reach and prolific in content-creation.


So Which Crypto News Source Should I Use?



The answer is… all of them, if you can! Each CoinDeck, CCN, and Cointelegraph produce great and varied content. As a cryptocurrency fanatic, you know that diversifying your crypto wallet is always a good idea, and diversifying your crypto news intake should be no different! If you are a more beginner trader and looking to become more educated, CoinDesk is the way to go. If you are looking for a more up-to-the-moment experience, CCN could be for you. And if you value user experience and a big diversity of content, then you should check out Cointelegraph.

The cryptocurrency world is maturing at an incredible rate, and one of the ways it is sure to mature even more is in the development of crypto news sources.

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