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  • Ronin Ai analyses and executes signals 24/7/365  across all critical crypto market data events in bullish, bearish, and sideways markets.

  • A constantly learning market intelligence that absorbs million of data points and signals integrating best trading model discovery. A true AI powered crypto trading signals.

  • Consistently Beating HODL and TA strategies through cutting edge Artificial Intelligence ”Black Box” trading models

  • All-inclusive, self-updating, panoramic view of cryptocurrency markets tracking price action on all major crypto exchanges, social media signals, blockchain networks, and news

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Initial deposit $50,500
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Accurately Tracking Market Manipulations

September 5, 2018

This AI Tracked Unusual Market Behavior Before Today’s Big Crypto Drop

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This AI Tracked Unusual Market Behavior Before Today’s Big Crypto Drop

Data scientists strongly believe this was either market manipulation or insider trading, but are reluctant to give a definitive answer for obvious reasons.

Social Sentiment Broke Above 3 Standard Deviations
Social Sentiment Broke Above 3 Standard Deviations - Zoomed In View

Earlier today, news spread that Goldman Sachs was sidelining plans of opening its cryptocurrency trading desk, a report coinciding with a market that took a sharp downward turn. The other day, market analysts saw someone take a 10,000 BTC short position while overall market sentiment has been positive….

RoninAi presents at Hofstra University

May 1, 2019

Exploring Future of Blockchain and Ai in Business

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Exploring Future of Blockchain and Ai in Business

Each session addressed various angles of how Ai is being applied and used across various industries.

Hofstra University
Peter Borovykh explains fusion of Blockchain and Ai

Leading the discussion of “Fusion of Blockchain and Ai” was Peter Borovykh of Blockchain Driven who discussed future possibilities when merging Blockchain and Ai systems. He used case study of RoninAi (a custom developed neural network artificial intelligence), and how artificial intelligence paving the way in crypto trading. Using up to second social and trading signals, to predict direction and price movement of various cryptocurrencies. In-fact, RoninAi was mentioned in a research study on trading signals and Ai efficiency….

Partnership with Bequant crypto exchange

May 3, 2019

Is The Future Now? These Cryptocurrency Platforms Say Yes.

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Is The Future Now? These Cryptocurrency Platforms Say Yes

BeQuant and RoninAi are in the makings of history, by combining their know-how and putting the customer first.

RoninAi Dashboard
Bequant crypto exchange platform

In the industry that never sleeps, a cryptocurrency exchange and an Ai trading platform have announced a partnership. As unlikely as it seems, this is an active project that is making the industry fusion a reality. BeQuant and RoninAi are in the makings of history, by combining their know-how and putting the customer first. “We are seeing an incredible value-add to crypto traders from RoninAi forecasts. We are transparent platform, and anyone can follow our recommendations and see by how much we have been outperforming the market over last twelve month. With Bequant, we are aiming to empower our users with even greater edge when it comes to transactions…


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Peter Borovykh

Market Research and Algorithmic Strategy

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Chief Ai Officer

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Quantitative Market Research

Dr. Alexander Kashpar

Product Architect
PhD in Computer Science

Dr. Sergey Krutolevich

Ai Research Scientist
PhD in Applied Statistics

Dr. Anton Misnik

Neural Networks and Ai Research
PhD in Machine Learning

Paul Kyung

Senior Director of Partnerships
South Korea

Pedro Sandoval

Co-Head of Business Development
Latin America

Felipe A D'Onofrio R

Officer of Alliances and Partnerships
Latin America

Jordi Castella

Chief Evangelist and Alpha Tester

Pablo Agreda

Community Leader and Investor
Latin America

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