Opening New Frontiers For Crypto Investors

Know when and what to buy, sell, or hold using machine learning Ai algorithms that are used by the top crypto hedgefunds.

Achieve 3x return on investment in any market state with RoninAi Crypto Trading Tools.

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“HODLers can’t just sit idle: To maximize risk-adjusted returns and maintain a profitable portfolio, they need to systematically rebalance their portfolio over time. As with all investments, having a disciplined, rules-based approach is important in crypto.”

– Forbes


Transactions Analyzed


Trading Strategies Tested


Tweets Analyzed per Second


Content Analysis per Minute

5 Reasons Why Every Crypto Investor Needs RoninAi

Know the best time to buy/buy more and avoid loss with RoninAi social sentiment signals
Predictive machine learning prevents missed opportunities and maximizes gains
Not sure how to handle major market changes? Ai strategies rebalance portfolios before it’s too late
Increase returns beyond basic HODLing. Earn up to 3x more by leveraging the market
How long do you hold each crypto? 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, longer? RoninAi analysis finds your highest profit points

Crypto Trading Tools - Deal Ends on May 23rd

RoninAi machine learning processes vast amounts of data for precise decision making and predictions based on powerful algorithms and indicators. Know when to buy and sell to maximize return and prevent loss effortlessly. Each additional indicator (Ex: RSI) adds granularity and direction to the trading recommendation signal.

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Ai Algorithms for Investors


RSI Signals

Cryptocurrency Trade Patterns

Market Capitalization

Relative Performance Indicator




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Includes Investor Set Ai Algorithms Plus:


Parabolic SAR

Influencer Sentiment

Number of Transactions

Bollinger Band Signals

News Sentiment Patterns

Hashing Power Indicators

Social Media Sentiment Signals

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)

ADX Signals

Exchange Arbitrage Patterns

Support and Resistance Signals

Bid Ask Spread




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” AxionV, which caters to serious investors, are redesigning their machine learning AI algorithms for public use as a SAAS crypto trading tool for investors of all skill levels. Doing so is a smart move that makes creative use of the AI signals and trading strategies they already have in place. “


From AxionV Crypto Hedgefund to You: Ronin Ai

Based on AxionV crypto hedgefund, Ronin Trading Ai quant team led by Peter Borovykh and custom made for crypto investors and traders. It is an essential crypto investor software that uses machine learning algorithms to capture financial profits in the volatile crypto market.

Make Every Trade Count

Backed by vast amounts of historical data and computational power, RoninAi can make precise and complex decisions, assimilating myriad of variables every moment.

Spotting Hidden Crypto Patterns

Ai finds patterns in terabytes of data streams that would give any human cognitive data overload, creating logical and decisive strategies with low risk and higher returns from identifying hidden trends within an ocean of information.

Uncover The Next Breakout Token

The near-unlimited computational power of machine intelligence outperforms the speed and consistency of human decision making. Adaptive Ai indicators breaking through the noise of the crowd giving you the edge at every turn.

Powerful crypto signals
Powerful crypto signals give you the best trading opportunities!
Gain the edge with Ai
Gain an edge over other traders with Ai.
Predictive power
We're harnessing the predictive power of social media to increase your income.
RoninAi Launch
Summer 2018
Enhance your returns
Enhance your returns with our Social Sentiment powered signals.
Ai machine learning
Machine Learning Ai sees things that no human trader can. That's why it's so lucrative.
RonianAi Polish and Finalization
Algorithmic Trading

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Our Team

Peter Borovykh

Head of Ai Algorithmic Strategy

Peter has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, MSN, Future Trends, Yahoo Finance, Bitcoinist, Fortune, Inside Bitcoins, and many others. He is the author of the “Blockchain Applications in Finance”.

Alexander Kashpar

Product Architect & CTO
PhD in Computer Science

I’m focusing on the logic behind the combination of analysis tools, neural networks and genetic algorithms for optimization.”

Sergey Krutolev

Ai Research Scientist
PhD in Applied Statistics

“Machine learning helps traders fight emotions and cognitive biases. Combinations of ML methods allow for achieving state-of-the-art results”

Anton Minisky

Neural Networks and Ai Research
PhD in Machine Learning

RoninAi will help investors focus and form strategies on a higher level.

Michael Miller

Chief Innovation Officer

“Ai is a must have for any crypto trader. Trading tools are the key in the crypto market“

Deepak Singh

Data Scientist
Masters in Computer Science

“The architecture of our back-end system is RoninAi integral part and a must have for adaptation to trading patterns”

Fatima Lorenzo

Lead Software Architect
Masters in Computer Science

“RoninAi large data ML capabilities give’s user unprecedented advantage over the rest of the traders in the field”

Jingyuan Luo

Quantitative Trading Analyst

“RoninaAi gives ability to make data driven decisions on vast scale”

Max Vasilev

Senior Ai Trainer

“RoninaAi is gives edge to investors in any state of crypto market. Bullish or Bearish”

Elena Sidarava

Backend Developer

“Simplicity comes from clarity, it is my objective to allow traders maximum clarity for their trading vision”

Ivan Aksyonov

Lead Developer

“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is RoninAi will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think it’ll augment our intelligence.”

Laura Biles

Front-end Developer

“The interface makes it easy for trader to understand intuitively what to do and when to take action “